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Fickle_V, welcome to the board. <Release> is one of the best, putting of thoughts into the words. in a very uncanny way, it resonates the same meaning from my previous poem.

Here is another poem for today.

: Maybe not
I should have died
Should have drifted silently away
I should have cried
Should have washed away my pride
I should have prayed
Should have released my anger
I should have fell
Should have gone down on all fours

Yet at the end
I did not go away without a word
I did not wept my problems away
I did not put my fate into the gods
nor did I crawl back into the emptiness of life

Should you ever think that I am broken
well you are not very far from truth
but should you think that I am no more
then you might be a little surprise
for I was broken and then revived
only to be better
only to see clearer
yet ultimately only to say this
or maybe not
for I now understand the power of silence
to silent my fear
I must silent my pride
to silent the need to tell you everything
for my life is mine again not yours to complain
peace in my silent land

I did not explain myself before, and it just occured to me that people might have misunderstood the poem.
I wrote it because I have released myself of my obligations to a friend fo mine. I have relinquish the power that I have given to him, have decided to move on with my life.

Had a very good hug from my girl friend, to encourage me foward. No words were exchange, but everything was said with perfect words.

That is how life is sometimes. We either dwell in it or choose otherwise and move on.

Hope you enjoy my new found inspirations ...

Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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