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Happy morning people.

Yes, it is a new day, and this is a new post.

Should the world be any more brigther we will be a sun.

Why am I happy? well, why not?

Here is my poem of the day.

: What I make of it
I have a back pain that won't go away
I have a zit that hurts my face
I have a boss that won't stop nagging
I have a dog that does nothing

I have a dateline that was yesterday
I have an account that is empty
I have a debt the size of texas
I have a life that wishes me dead

Now most people will wither
they will wish that all will fade away
when came to a fork road
they went back to where they came

Me, I chose to move on
one path or the other
it makes no difference
one might be longer than the other
but so what if it is
it is better than to have braved it
than never to have known
even if pain lies on the very end
it is better thatn not knowing

so here I go
moving down the road
not having a care in the world
just enjoying the morning sun
breezing through with life
when obstacles come along
I brave it with an open heart
for I finally come to accept
life is what I make of it

it makes no difference anymore, on what is and what's not. my reaction is the only thing that governs my life. So I choose otherwise. Why be grumpy when I can be happy. Why choose tears when I can laugh. Why ask why even, because that is the way it is. And I am happy.

Good salutations.
Happy morning.


Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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