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the sequal

What the hell happened?
You stupid little bitch
Son of a, daughter of a witch
You lied just too many times

Broke my heart more than once
Maybe it was just twice
But it seems more like thrice
What ever, I’ll find someone better

Do you think I’m better off?
Do you know how it feels to be the reject?
To break your back and snap your neck
Just for someone you don’t even know

Well let me tell why you’re hot
Because you’re made of hell fire
No matter how many no’s, I’m still not the crier
See what NOthing is putting me through

I walk alone this night
It’s a lot better than have an ex
Even if it means with no one of the opposite sex
It could have a been a great year

So I wasted another four seasons
Did someone steal you leave me all alone?
How can someone steal from you something that you never own?
I don’t know, but it makes me wonder, “What the hell happened?”

By: Lyle Wilson
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