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Now Lyle ... that is what I call expressing your understanding of relationships. So here is my version of the same topic.

:Shit Happends
They are many things that is strange
one of them are the woman trends
sometimes it is golden hairs
tommorow it might be the carrot reds

Now most people will be questioning me
what it means to be in love
in suffocation on beliefs
where a mere kiss cause tremble knees

They come, they go
thats the way it is
they break your heart just to see
if men are worthy
nothing personal just the common thing
you test the waters before you swim

So like idiots we wait
and then we bleed
so that they can be
the queen in our eyes
the jewel of the nile
we are but slaves of heart
at the end
shit happends
and we start from the begining again

Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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