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I haven't taken a look at this just yet, but here's something you might consider putting in:

Over the last year and a half, there has been several codebases developed by us here at the forums which have proven to be useful, and been used extensively. Such things are Rovastar's "Harlequin" colour code, my "indecision" code, and beat detection from alot of us.
It would be cool if you could choose to include these codes in the generated preset, and the program would then generate additional random lines as necessary.
For example, my beat detection code has one point which people may wish to modify (the speed at which the threshold decays both normally, and when a beat is overdue - as the decay is based on framerate, a very high framerate will warrant a slower decay to achieve the same effect), and one variable which it outputs - beat - which can be either 0 or 1.
A simple way of incorporating this randomly would be something like this:

<Krash's beat code>
ob_a = beat;

or slightly more complex:

<Krash's beat code>
effect = if(beat,1-effect,effect);
dx = if(effect,<dx effect1>,<dx effect2>);
rot = if(effect,<rot effect1>,<rot effect2>);

Just a suggestion

- Krash

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