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Lay Down Flip It and Reverse It

I appreciate the positive feedback. Lets keep running with this and see how much eye-booty we can smack.

As mentioned before it's already been helpful in providing me with variations on current presets that seem somewhat unique. I'll try and remember to post some of them along with the next ZIP.

The source code should be provided in the V0.0.0.9 ZIP file inside the VBCode folder.

I try to code things to make as much logical sense as possible (please keep that in mind before using variables like MyVar1, MyVar2, ThisThing, etc). Not that any of us have done that in the past.

Mixing and Matching is a great idea. But to work that in I'd have to get the program auto formatting the per_frame(PF) and per_pixel(PP) line numbers (which I plan on doing at some point).

It would be quite easy to modify the program to load PF and PP code separately from the static variables. And then to maybe have an "Open And Append" option for opening a MILK file for it's PP and PF info to get tacked onto what's already loaded into those entry fields. (please excuse the run-on)

My initial idea was that totally random equations would be really cool. Turns out I was worse than right, I was wrong. What the randomizing code needs is some direction. Like weighting some function more than others (sin, cos, tan occuring more often than log10, equals, log). Or even making the randomizer smart enough to know what kind of functions should go inside other functions. Giving it an understanding of mathematical function that provide visually interesting output. But since that's a judgement based on human perception it's going to require us to figure out how to code logic that "understands" that concept. The randomizer is actually quite stupid (brute force) at this point, and it shows.

I have yet to see a visualization program that comes anywhere near touching MilkDrop's pure visual beauty, ease of use, and range of features. All hail Nullsoft, Ryan Geiss, DirectX, and my Radeon 8500.

To paraphrase Krash...

I want to go places that don't exist,

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