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V0.0.0.10 - Added A Can Of Whoop-Ass

- Added ability to load code separately from variables
- Added ability to append loaded code into entry fields (instead of overwriting)
- Added "Extend Ranges" menu option on the "Specify Variable Ranges" form to assist and tweaking out all numeric parameters (currently nudges all vars in 0.01 increments away from thier current values).
- Fixed how the program loads presets, should now work on a wider range of MILK file versions
- Program now reformats per_pixel and per_frame line numbers to ensure they are correct

I've spent so much time coding this app I haven't gotten to play with it much (or the EMPR.Exe).

Possible Features -
- tweak checkbox for the provided code to randomly adjust bits here and there
- batch preset mangler: randomly load pieces of presets, randomize all the options, then spit out a random number of presets
- increase the quality of the presets made from scratch (any ideas?)

I skipped on adding presets this time around cuz I just don't have time for that, but soon, I promise.

Got MilkDrop,

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