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Bugs and Credit

I'm not concerned with me or the program getting any credit for the presets. I've been considering have the "Author" field change to the name of whatever preset you load into the program (as a matter of fact).

As far as a runtime error on startup, I assume that would be related to the controls being used on the forms. I am currently using comdlg32.ocx, tabctl32.ocx, and mscomctl.ocx. If you have all of those controls you may want to try registering them with the regsvr32.exe in the windows\system directory. If you don't have them you should be able to find them online somewhere. I'll look into making an installer.

Zylot, insulting me doesn't make me care what you say, but I'll listen anyways.

Make sure to get the ZIP file from my very latest posted version - V0.0.0.11. I'll double check my code and output on the things you mentioned and try to implement the feature requests as well.

Sunday Bloody Sunday,

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