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It's best to credit the milkdrop coders.

it's not an explicit breach of copyright, it's a grey area. no one would go after you, at worst if one of the coders was a bit possessive he could send a copyright complaint to youtube, but he wouldnt have trouble to support it clearly other than saying... i wrote the preset code that made this image on this free program.

Milkdrop is one of the most powerful graphics tools out there for many things. if it can't be used for anthying to sell its abit of a shame, so i think, personally, i might be wrong, that some of us should start selling some stuff from milkdrop when it's mashup that have no clear coding source, and also ask permission to any guys you take shaders from, and then sell your videos and pics, and then see what happens normally it's said you can only use your own presets commercially, or with agreement of the coder. so some of the coders have said... they prefer you make your own MD code
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