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alrighty then, progress.. yay

I couldn't help myself, I just had to work a bit on this thing, it's so fun
Mid and Small mode's are more or less done and working (minus a few small things, nothing major tho).
Both are pretty much rewritten from scratch and they both now use the original gfx from the default skin, not from some screenshot like before.

Some things I have came across that would be nice if they could work:

* wrap="1" doesnt seem to work for text fields, I kinda need this for the mid mode songticker. It's not critical, but would be nice.. so if anyone knows a way to make it work, please tell..

* I have gotten the playlist progress bar (the one surrounding the vis in mid mode, showing which track in the playlist is currently playing) working in both mid and small mode, however as far as I know, there's no way to select and play a file solely based on it's playlist location, correct?
I'd love to have that working, so if anyone knows a way, please tell..
If that can't be done, is it atleast possible to get the songname based on it's playlist location?

* The vis in mid mode obviously has limitations, one of them is that the vis-switch-box cannot be shown on top of the vis, unless it's made static and an area in the vis is cut out for it. I don't want it to be shown all the time, so I thought I could change the region on the vis whenever the mouse is hovering it.. It works, not so well.. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and sometimes the region won't change back again when the mouse is leaving the area.. So, ideas here on what to do would be cool..
The vis is turned off when nothing is playing, so if no solution can be found it's no big deal, because the vis can be switched while nothing is playing.

Now, to bigger things, the Nav mode
Haven't begun on it yet, but it's no secret it will be the hardest thing in the skin to do, due to all of it's animations and ofcourse the vis and playlist editor that can be used in fullscreen there, behind everything else, etc.. Those things cannot be done, so I'll have to make a compromise there.. And I have a pretty good idea for that too.. Fun stuff

As for the standardframe, I came up with the idea of using the SkinMaker X skin, since it's made by the same guy and is the official skinmaker for sonique.
Should work fine. However, I think that skin is baked into the skinmaker exe, so that one I might have to do from screenshots.

Finally, a screenshot of the current progress, yay..
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