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unfortunately, wrap doesn't work for some reason, so the only way I could do that, is by having multiple text fields and divide the text into those fields.. it's possible, but I'm not sure if it's worth it..

as for the font, I'm currently using arial black, which I like. It looks alot like the sonique font and so far I haven't had any size problems with it. and the ttf isn't that big either..
Plus, I noticed none of the Sonique fonts have big ÅÄÖ (swedish) letters, only small ones, and since I'm swedish and have some swedish songs, I'm kinda biased.. hehe..
However, I will look into the bitmap fonts and see if they will work out-of-the-box without too much change to the font file and skin xml.. if they look and work better than the ttf fonts, I will probably go bitmap.

However, I'm not only trying to replicate the sonique skin, I'm also improving it in areas where they, to be honest, screwed up. One such area is the mid-mode vis screen and the plprogress bar around it, where the vis area is defined by some kind of region (even in sonique), but that region is so badly done, the vis doesn't use all of the available space, and the plprogress bar is even worse, it 'leaks' into the vis area and out onto the main window background.. same with the round blue buttons...
I have redone that, and made it fit nicely, like it should've from the beginning..

So, if I come across more areas where I think I can make an improvement, I will..
After all, I want the skin to be usable, not just a replica..

Oh, and the grey shuttle thing (next to volume) on the mid mode was originally used for pitch in sonique, but they later changed it to a bad fastforward/rewind thingy. I'm not using it for either.. I tried with pitch, but pitch has been removed from the directsound output, or it was never available in winamp5 in the first place (it was there in wa3) so I'm instead using it for setting the crossfade time.
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