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leechbite, I think that could work, but that would require some heavy maki scripting, and would probably be killer on the cpu.. seems a little overkill..

I think I'll just stick with ttf instead.. Arial Black is pretty similar to the sonique font, and I think I'll use regular Arial where they use the smallest sonique font, like in the small mode songticker..

Anyways, I have another question:

I'm trying to make a custom XUI button that instead of image, hoverimage and downimage, has color, hovercolor and downcolor. As in, the button is just a textfield, that changes color depending on it's state, but it should still function exactly like a button.
I'm thinking combining a button and a textfield in an XUI object, however I haven't gotten the colorswitching to work like it should yet.. Anyone have any suggestions?
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