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yo, I know it's been long, but I also said development would be slow..
Anyhow, just so you don't think I've abandoned this, I've decided to upload a snapshot of it's current status.
It's almost done really, some finishing touches here and there, etc.
So I thought this would be a good time to do some beta testing and so on..

Some problem areas I still have are:
  • need some solution for track number in nav mode, need to somehow display more than 999. (Original Sonique does an underline when more than 999, but I kinda think that "solution" sucks)
  • need some solution for mid mode vis, right now it only works if you first first turn it on in nav mode (don't know why it behaves like that but it has to do with whether the vis wnd is dynamic or not). dynamic=0 works good in navmode but not in midmode, while dynamic=1 is the complete opposite. This is a big problem area.
  • need some idea for mid mode songticker and infoline.. (wrap=1 doesn't work, seems broken)
  • need some idea for nav mode drawer shadow.. (in original Sonique, the EQ drawer has a shadow at the top, but the bottom part of the drawer covers it, I need a good way to do that without having to make two drawers. You need to see it to know what I mean)
  • need some idea for visswitching in mid mode when ext vis is running.. (since the ext vis is a component, it cannot be covered by anything without cutting holes in it and fake the cover. but the vis switch box is animated and shouldnt cover the vis all the time, only on mouseover and I'm having problems detecting that properly, it works sometimes and sometimes not)

If any other bugs are found, I'd be happy to hear about them.
Same with any ideas you might have.

note about the link:
I'm not sure how long it'll be available, coz I'm borrowing it from my brother, but it should last a couple of weeks atleast.. I hope..

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