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nice work Plague. cool animations.

need some solution for track number in nav mode, need to somehow display more than 999. (Original Sonique does an underline when more than 999, but I kinda think that "solution" sucks)
how bout make it auto resize the font to it fits 4 or 5 digits when needed.

need some solution for mid mode vis, right now it only works if you first first turn it on in nav mode (don't know why it behaves like that but it has to do with whether the vis wnd is dynamic or not). dynamic=0 works good in navmode but not in midmode, while dynamic=1 is the complete opposite. This is a big problem area.
normally i would use dynamic=1 but as i can see in the XML that you used WindowHolder to define the AVS layout so the avs component is dynamic in a sense. i dont see the source scripts so i cant experiment on it but it could just be timing. any way the source scripts be published? maybe everybody could have a poke at it.

also, maybe use bitmap font for the timers. bitmap performs a lot better on a fast changing timers that ttfs. (had same issue with Kameleon, i had ttf fonts with the msec timers before i had 40-50% cpu then i switched to bitmap font it dropped to 7-8%.)

anyway, just my thoughts. great work again.
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