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I'm glad that plug-in worked for you. There are very few wavpack users posting on this site. We have to stick together.

The WEP contained items that were not included in the Winamp installation packages. The developers at the time recommended them as enhancements for Winamp. I don't remember what was the last WEP released and I never used all of the WEP components. AOL paid the license fees for some of the components in the WEP. Radionomy is not paying these fees, so it can not legally provide the WEP in countries were the fees are required.

If you decide to look for and download the WEP, be very careful. There are a lot of crooks on the internet.

I can't speak to whether what you have is 'better' or not because I don't know what versions of stuff you have. You could use the Winamp Info Tool ( to make an extended report of your installation and attach the zip file containing this report to a post. It is a stand-alone app that you just download and run. Due to a false-positive, some AV apps prevent the download and/or running of the Info Tool. If you run into this problem, you could temporarily disable your AV. The Info Tool is safe and recommended by the Winamp developers for providing details about Winamp installations.

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