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Hi Worez,

For a time, WEP releases (containing safe but unofficial components) were made to match with official Winamp releases. You asked last May if the plug-ins in the last WEP are better than those you already have. Without knowing what you already have, it is impossible to provide a meaningful answer to that question. Some of the WEP components worked with components in an official Winamp release (that matched the WEP release) to improve their performance or add new features that were not in that official release. Over time, some things in the WEP releases were removed and programmed into components in the official Winamp releases. I suggested you post a Winamp Info Report since it is the fastest way to gain the information needed to correctly answer your question.

The report does contain more than what is needed to answer your specific question. This is because the report is a general overall tool used to help diagnose problems some people have when using Winamp. Certain combinations of plug-ins and/or settings (that may have been made on purpose or changed by accident) can have unintended consequences. In a few cases, Winamp relies on components that are part of a default Windows OS installation (which may not be present) that are also reported on.

Since you think the Winamp Info Report may be used by others to identify you for some malicious purpose, you can use the report to answer your question yourself. The html version of the report identifies which plug-ins are officially part of Winamp and which are 3rd party. You can use the web to research each plug-in to determine the latest versions and discover if any bad interactions have been reported. This could take some time depending on your current general and specific knowledge of Winamp and what each plug-in does. However, doing some research on your own will also enable you to ask specific questions (about what you do or do not find) instead of the open ended one you asked.

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