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I hate all of the pointless threads. There seem to be more and more of them. The thing that I really hate is how they are not only in GD. I have seen them in important forums such as WA2 skins, WA3 skins, The New Games Center, Winamp bug reports, etc. To keep it simple, they are every where. I know that many of them are created by newbies but they just don't know the way thing SHOULD work around here. But there are more and more experienced forumers posting pointless stuff. I just wish it would all stay in GD.

I do see great irony about Mr_007 saying he hates bad posts. I must admit that he is post-pumping way too much lately. I just think that he simply doesn't know any better. There must be some way to translate the rules into other languages. But any way enough said about that.

Now I must bitch about the poll. Was it really important to put avatars on there 5 times? Much like sanosuke, I haven't ever seen whole threads based on avatars. Then again I never searched for them. It all ways see posts that on good threads that change to avatars. That really pisses me off. Especially since 72% of them were made by me. But that was back in the day when I was new. Or shall I say newer.

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