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after installing a wild tangent product on my computer (plugin for wamp 2), i noticed all of a sudden my computer was running more sluggish then before (multiple processes i have never seen before in task manager) and suspicious activity going on through my internet connection, worried i searched this forum for "wild tangent", sure enough, dozens of threads relating wildtangent to spyware.

I am so pissed off right now, heres why- I CANNOT completely uninstall all the wt shit off my computer, I have the latest Ad-aware and Spybot updates, None of them get rid of that wild tangent control panel thing. I also searched Wild Tangents website and found the basic uninstallation procedure manuals. Duh, of course i looked in ad/remove programs list, that was the first thing i did moments after installing ur crappy plugin, But I still have WT on my computer!! Emailing wild tangent does no good because they have hidden their email adress on their website

So any1 have any ideas on how to remove this trojan horse from my computer? Just a recap, So far I have;

Scanned reg for wt and wildtangent yup

Scanned entire computer for wt and wildtangent yup Used basic uninstaller in ad/remove programs from control panel yup

Ran ad-aware and spybot with latest spyware definitions installed yup!

Next up -Reformat harddrive, Yay!!
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