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No, you don't have to download a new program.
I never said that at all !

Read carefully and follow the instructions in my first reply.
I've edited it especially, to make it even clearer.
It should all hopefully make sense now !

BTW, what exactly was your default jpg program before ?
Was it MS Photo Editor or something else ?
If you are still having problems, state your answer in the reply . . . and we'll take it from there.

Other helpful tips [maybe]:
1. Goto Winamp Prefs -> File Types
Uncheck the option to "Register Files on Winamp start"
2. Prefs -> Options
Blank out the box "Default ext's for unknown filetypes" [usually mp3]
3. Disable the Winamp Agent if you have it running (Prefs -> Agent -> uncheck all 3 options)

Further helpful links:

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