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Originally posted by DJEgg:
Yeeharr, glad to be of assistance !
If all the tracks that you want to to be in your playlist are in the same folder, then another option is to right click on the folder in Windows Explorer and select "Play in Winamp" . . . or you can even select "Send To -> Winamp" [If it doesn't already exist, create a shortcut to Winamp in the "C:\Windows\SendTo" directory].
It would also be wise to first create a subfolder within your personal music folder to place all of your playlists in [eg. "C:\.....\Playlists"]. This way, only the actual audio trax will be sent to Winamp and not each individual playlist as well. Cut and paste all your m3u and pls playlists into this new subfolder and, in future, always save them to here !
Thus ends Tip of the Day.
Laterz -> DJ-Egg.
I've also had problems with finding a playlist after I had it running. I think it has saved the files under its default as "text?" Is there a way to select all my songs and resave my playlist under the correct format so I don't have to go to Napster again to download songs?

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