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Shoutcast Tech support IRC channel

If you just want a quick answer to a short question or are setting up a SHOUTcast station for the first time, #ShoutcastTech can probably help you.

For those with an IRC client, eg. mIRC:


For those without an IRC client:

Java Chat

Once you click that link it will prompt you to install the jpilot chat software, simply click yes and you will be brought to a screen listing the server, channel etc. Enter your nick where it currently says guest and click connect.

You will be taken to the chat.

This room still needs volunteers (/me looks at FesterHead, DJHotIce, KXRM, djmastermind) so if can help please stop by. (most of the people in #winamptech hate doing shoutcast support so that is why I hope this channel takes off)
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