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The problem: It is a weird little problem with the CD plugin.

The solution: If your CD-ROM supports DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) then use the CD Reader plugin.
What this does is transfers the data off the CD then plays that, where as the normal CD plugin tells the CD-ROM to send the audio straight to the soundcard. Using the CD Reader has a some advantages: Winamp's volume will work with CD's, visualizations will work, and so will the equilizer.

If you do use this once you install it to enable CDDB:
Open Winamp
Press Ctrl + P
Click on "Input"
Click on CD Reader then press configure
Click on the CDDB tab
Put a check next to "Use Internet CDDB"
and change the address to:
Press "Okay" then "Close"

If you install and find out it doesn't work then delete the file called "in_CDReader.dll" in the plugin directory of Winamp.


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