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Sorry for mis-information... but by adding/removing a lot of times plug-ins in winamp, both CD plug-ins were at the same time in winamp/plugin dir.

What is now exactly true :

1/ only use one plug-in at the same time (remove in_cdda.dll from dir if using in_cdreader.dll)

2/ beginning of tracks are no more systematically repeated, but "sometimes" are lost (maybe an CD player HW bug)

3/ Dudsoft Gapless plug-in works with in_cdreader.dll but not with in_cdda.dll

4/ As in_cdreader.dll and in_cdda.dll are technically different, I think in_cdda.dll MUST BE unbugged, and allowing listening CD w/o doing any DAE.

5/ With in_cdreader.dll, it is possible to easily stream CD with shoutcast plug-in, because it seemed not possible with in_cdda.dll.

Error is human. Sorry Tom for my previous false affirmations.
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