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I understand if you don't want to use the CD Reader if it is buggy, but before you write it off check out the authors page: http://www.url*****~copah/CDReader.htm he has a newer version than what is offered here.
The only way I can see fixing this problem other than using that plugin would to be to import a in_cdda.dll from a previous version that did not do this. If memory serves me correctly this problem seemed to occur in the 2.50 series, so a in_cdda.dll from prior to that should play correctly. (Please note the should, I am not 100% confident in this plan it should work but I am not to sure when the bug developed.) Oh yeah and check out: for old versions if you want to try to move over a dll, actualy I talked about it here and offer some dlls and where and what to name them: I have NOT been able to confirm results (I never listen to CD's, I guess you can be my guinea pig.)

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