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5.03 main problems

Winamp has millions of unnecessary options, settings and add-ons (many of them relate to appearance and fun) but suffers from some obvious troubles, For example:

1- The player has not enough performance for playing mpeg-1 on old machines (i.e. pentium class); compare it with Xing Mpeg Player.

-note: Don't ask me meaningless questions about my system properties: I have a pentium MMX 233MHz and 64MB RAM; Xing and Media Player work well even with worse machines, therefore, winamp's core decoder is not optimized.

2- It can not play an mpeg video when the file has a .dat extension! Who wants Winamp's 100 plugins when it can not play VCD tracks?!

3- Some AVI clips can be played on Media-Player but not in Winamp!

version: 5.03 full
OS: 98se
skin: classic

A short message toward: DJ Egg (moderator)

Don't close my thread when you have no reply!
I didn't sent a blank text attachment, It was due to webmaster bugs;
Here is another copy of that attachment, It is in DOS-text format (The former was in UNIX-text format).
I am speaking about the topic "mmedia-rating" that has been closed hastily.
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