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I sent some notes in order to helping the program becoming better; Don't wage a war!

I imagine the forum has a friendly space, am I wrong?

If I was a moderator, I would ask a member to give more explanations or send his attachment again instead of closing his thread immediately.

Isn't here a place for bring up and discussing problems? If someone prove that I am wrong in a given case, I never deny to accept.

Threaten to ban me? do! You are a great hero! because you was unable to tolerate other members but was able to kill them!

Now, I continue to defending my comments:

1- I use Winamp because it skips bad contents of a movie very well. Please look at the attached text file: I showed the faults and virtues of some players there.

2- Do you prefer the player to play automatically dat files or by an advanced user manipolation?!

3- I converted an Mpeg to AVI by Adobe Premiere 6.0; That was the clip which could be played in media player but not in Winamp; Can I send an AVI clip which has about 10MB per second data via my modem?

4- Who says that my computer is outdated? If a software is not optimized well, there may be other ones better; The main point is to find its developers to ask for an improvement before leave it forever.

5- If one is old in Winamp, other may be too older in Multi-Media! (though, I am not).

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