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Originally posted by Bahram A.
4- Who says that my computer is outdated? If a software is not optimized well, there may be other ones better; The main point is to find its developers to ask for an improvement before leave it forever.
i've got a P2 266 @ 310 and mine is outdated. i'm open about this fact. to get the speed i only use classic (so it's the same as 2.x) and i don't have any issues other than would be expected from a system that can't quite play dvds smoothly.

as amano pointed out (and i'm sure it was mentioned in a thread elsewhere) the video support is determined by the installed system codecs so if the codecs you have are cpu intensive then so will be winamp. that's just how it is and the code is optimised since it's been in winamp for around 2 years (if i remember right) and knowing the guys who code winamp they would not create something like that which is not optimised.

the only comment on the thread lockage i'll make is that if it was locked then it was for a valid reason and i go by that

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