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Yeah, the Winamp Agent only appeared from v2.63 up to 2.64, so forget about that one.

Clearing the "Register Files . . ." option should have solved your problem.
Exit Winamp, then re-open and exit again !
Now reboot.

Do you have any other files on your HD without extensions, eg. PUB / FAX / ttfcache / etc, and are these also listed as Winamp Media Files ?

Anyway, don't add any extensions to them if you want to use them . . . so remove the .txt now !

You can always choose "Send To -> Notepad" if you want to view them, but most of these files are in binary data form & not ascii.

By the way, Netscape will still read these files as normal, regardless of what their description is.

However, it should be "File" and not "Winamp Media File", so do as I say above and that should solve your problem !

DJ - Egg

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