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I hope I can Help you all with this problem.
The following text is borrowed from the creator of the "pitch fork" plugin for Winamp. Here goes..

....."Also, if your computer has problems with the graphics taking bandwidth from audio
(i.e. sound stutters or slows dows when you scroll or move a window) you will
need to take care of it before attempting to beatmix. This is the fault of the
*display adapter driver*. Changing to microsofts driver (the one that is on the
win95/98 cd) usually solves the problem. If no driver for your card came with
win95, try upgrading to win98. If that didn't work either, look for a setting
like "Allow PCI retries" and enable it. If that doesn't exist (or work) you will
need to bug your manufacturer for new drivers. It is the DRIVERS fault - not the
hardware - but if you can't get an updated driver or information on how to fix
the problem with your present driver (there is usually an undocumented option to
enable through the INI file)"

Also, I found IMMENSE help by increasing the buffer size for the output in the options/preferences/plugins/output configure option. Crank it up man. It helped a great amount.
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