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After several bios adjustments and other winamp tweaks, I found no one adjustment that cured the problem, however adjusting the output buffer size made a noticeable improvement. As for my previous post, I only added it for information, although I have found nothing there that really worked. There are No inf. files for the win98se ver. driver for my card that could be molested with my trusty keyboard. I still believe that the problem is definitely a video card issue lying somewhere in the bus transfer area.
After reading several other posts, I found only one thing that worked 100 percent.
roll back the hardware acceleration slider in the Graphics Performance tab in System Properties menu. Some people said to set it to minimum, then set it back up when gaming.
I found that I only had to bring the slider back one increment and all of my stutter problems disappeared completely. I currently use an addon voodoo2 card for gaming, so I dont know if the hardware acceleration slider affects the performance of the voodoo2 card or not. Havent tried it. A new GeForce card is on the way, so Ill have to explore this all over again if the problem comes back. This card is AGP, so setting the Graphics Aperture size in bios to 128 or greater may help improve agp bus performance.

Well find a cure soon. gl
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