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Well, your sys specs seem fine, more than adequate !

Invalid page faults in kernel32.dll are usually caused by poorly written software components that try to use the same upper memory space as the kernel itself. Kernel32.dll is the main Windows core component, akin to the brain.
It's very unlikely that Winamp itself is to blame, but it's much more likely that this error is being caused by a potentially dodgy 3rd party plug-in that you may have installed.
Have you installed any such plug-ins and, if so, have you possibly got an idea as to which one might be the guilty party ?
If you use the forum search facility, you'll find about 30 or so references to kernel32.dll related problems. Just type in "kernel32.dll" as the search phrase and change the drop down menu to "Search all forums & archives".
Here's a few links to some of the most relevant threads:

Basically, most people recommend totally uninstalling Winamp, then re-installing either the latest available version or the last version they had that they didn't have any problems with.
All versions are available at :

If uninstalling, be sure to back up any extra skins, (safe) plugins, plus any saved EQ presets [q1 | q2 | eqf files] & the Winamp bookmarks list if relevant [].
All these files can be found in the Winamp folder or its subdirectories.
In most cases, removing the guilty plugin/s [*_*.DLL] and all references to them from the winamp.ini & plugin.ini files will solve your problem. Some people even say that deleting the winamp.ini file [from Winamp dir] also solves the problem. This causes a new ini file to be created next time you open Winamp and restores Winamp to all the default settings.

There is also an extensive article at that's well worth checking out and I also believe that there's an updated kernel available . . . maybe you need this ?!?!

It has also been known that certain viruses cause illegal operation errors.
Maybe you should run your AV program to check All Files (make sure you have the latest signature DAT files)

Hope this helps & best of luck !


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