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Well, I got Winamp to play my CD's when I insert them. Thanks for the tip DJEgg. I don't know why I didn't think about that. Allthough I think I will reinstall Windows. I am all of a sudden having too many problems. what I tried first was to uninstall Winamp and see if the defualt windows CD player would play the CD's. It would play them if I opened the CD player and manually pressed play, but it wouldn't automatically start. There was no defualt player for audio CD's. I think that Gateway screwed up the installation. Anyway (don't ever buy a Gateway, it's not worth it!) I am about to FDISK and start from scratch. Hopefully, that fixes my problems. Oh yeah, I have a SBLive! Value. I didn't install the drivers for it, they were preinstalled by Gateway. But I checked it out and the drivers are the latest, so I don't think that has anything to do with it. (Although I am looking for a new sound card. Any suggestions welcome, preferably audio recording cards.)

And no, Mr. Ice, I haven't installed any Real products yet. I hate real Real Player and am looking for a decent alternative before I reinstall it. And Winamp Agent is enabled, and the problem persits.

Thanks guys, I'll post again to let you know if it works after I reinstall my system.

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