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Originally posted by sgtfuzzbubble99:
thanx for the help. I got my slave cd drive to play music like you said.

Mr. Ice,
sorry for posting incorrect information. Just trying to help out. But from now on I'll try and make sure that what I post is accurate.

Hi Everybody!

I have followed all the suggestions made here. I am still having a problem with WinAmp as it does play most of the English Audio CDs but not other non-English Audio CDs. I don't have entry for 'Audio CD' in Windows settings but most of the English Audio CDs does show up in Windows CD Player without WinAmp. But for non-English Audio CDs I get an message 'CD-ROM is not accessible. The device is not ready'. I have also installed 'X-set' program and followed up but 'Associate with cds' remains unchecked in WinAmp.

I am a new man on the Winamp Forums but I found them very helpful. Would someone can help me what is going on with my system. I did not have these problems before. They have come up recently.


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