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"nullsoft waveOUT plug-in v2.02 (x86)"

"mmsystem032 the specified format cannot be translated or supported. Use the capabilities function to veiw supported formats"
i have deleated and re installed it and it still does the same do i use the capabilities function to veiw supported formats???????????????

ok this is from a erlier post that i made and they told me to go to the faq section...NO i went to the thing and i did everything it told me too do but wow it DIDNT WORK lol sorry im just kinda pissed i have only gotten 1 anwser from a moderator in 1 week and my sound doesnt work i have tried tons of diff combos for the input and output crap and they dont work now PLEASE i BEG YOU........PLEASE HELP ME....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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