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For starters, there are two things I would suggest:

(1) Upgrade to Winamp version 2.64

Version 2.63 admittedly had bugs, even though I don't remember anything that specifically mentioned your problem. But it would be a good idea to upgrade from 2.63 to 2.64 even if you weren't having any problems.

Plus, it's possible that your WINAMP.m3u file is wacked-out (technical term) and just erases its list somehow. Upgrading to version 2.64 would fix that kind of a weird glitch.

I'll assume you're comfortable with how to upgrade; if not, just post a reply and I'll give you some additional tips. To be on the safe side, make a copy of the folders containing your skins and plugins before you upgrade.

After you upgrade, load some mp3's into your Playlist Editor, then close and re-open Winamp and see what happens. If your problem still remains ...

(2) Check your plugins for "hidden" options

Many versions ago, Winamp actually had an option for "clearing" the Playlist Editor each time you closed Winamp. They have deleted that option from Winamp, but one of your plugins may have a similar option for some (unknown) reason.

Go to Winamp Preferences (Control-P) and then click on "Plug-ins / Visualization". One at a time, highlight each plugin and click the "Configure" button. Just browse through all of the tabs and settings and see if you find any options that mention clearing the playlist or something similar.

Then go to "Plug-ins / General Purpose" and check those plugins the same way you checked your Visualization plugins.

If you find an option referring to clearing the playlist, de-select it. Then exit the Preferences and do the old "load Mp3's, close Winamp, open Winamp" test and see what happens.

In the meantime, I'll think about if I've overlooked anything, and perhaps a moderator or someone smarter than me will drop by and give you some pearls of wisdom. Hopefully, upgrading to 2.64 will fix things all by itself.
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