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Imma try and answer your question to the best of m knowledge. For future reference. When making a post DO NOT title something you can find in the GREATEST HITS section.

that means the software and yourself did the right thing in making an AUDIO CD. *.cda is the extension of an AUDIO CD.

"my cd player will not play it"
Are you talking about the AUDIO CD you made?
IF SO THEN try this:
-Burn at half the speed of your CD-R (might reduce errors and what not)
-Don't do anything else while it burns. Go watch TV or watch the PROCESS but don't play a game or surf the net.
-I had a friend make me a CD and it only played on my comp and not my CD PLAYER. SO.... try different CD PLAYER.
-still nuttin?
Try a differnt brand of CD-R
Try one of those AUDIO CD-R's

"i showed the yellow wave speaker. now it shows a blue 1 or just the winamp lighting bolt."
im not sure if that has any relevance.. i could be WRONG.

if chose the option to select all musica formats to associate with winamp, then your WAV problem is solved. there is no need to worry.
But again i didn't follow your read too much.
STILL trying to help you out with my little knowledge.

GOOD LUCK! Let me know how it turns out.
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