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1. Edit your Desktop shortcut icon to include the playlist path, eg:
"C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe" "C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.m3u"
Note that quotation marks are necessary if the path/s contain any spaces, otherwise:
C:\Progra~1\Winamp\winamp.exe C:\Music\MP3\playlist.pls

You can create new shortcuts anywhere on your HDD & as many as you want.
Naturally, you'll have to give each one a different name if you create more than one shortcut in any one given dir.

Rt click Desktop -OR- Explorer -> File Menu -> New -> shortcut
Command line as above (example)
etc etc.

You can even place one in your StartUp folder
(C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup)
to make Winamp open & play the specified list @ Windows bootup.

All available command line parameters are listed here:

2. In Explorer, double click the actual file or playlist.
NB: Requires Winamp to be the default player for the particular file type.
Also requires "Enqueue as default action" to be unchecked
(Winamp Prefs -> File Types)

You can also goto: Winamp Prefs -> Options & checkmark "allow multiple instances"
This way, you can have Winamp open already & when you click on a new file it will open & start playing in a new instance of Winamp, thus leaving your original playlist intact in the first instance of Winamp. Always close the original version last, thus making sure Winamp opens with your original playlist next time you open it.
If you use option 1 (above), then remember to save your playlist each time you add any new files (Playlist Editor -> List button [bottom rt corner] -> Save List)

3. Windows "Start" Button -> Run
Type: Winamp & hit Enter
Voila! Opens Winamp & starts playing the most recently displayed playlist.
You'll only need to type this in once, so next time you goto Start -> Run it'll still be there.
You may have to use your "Down arrow" cursor to locate it
(if you've since used the Run command for anything else)

You can also use this option to specify different paths to different playlists
(by using the same format as in option 1)
This gets even more interesting if you also allow multiple instances.
NB: Depending on your soundcard, you may have to use the DirectSound Output (instead of WaveOut) to enable multiple audio streams when using more than one instance of Winamp.

4) For all you lazy-types who can't be bothered with the above suggestions


There's an autoplay plugin available, funnily enough, by Eggware!
Full details here

There's also another plugin called WinAlarm (note: now discontinued)

Also, Resumer is very popular.

More "alarm" plugins here.
Apparently, Mikroamp plugin also includes an autoplay on startup feature (amongst many other features).

And now for the best & simplest plugin of them all . . .
Autoplay and Time Restore Plugin - by DrO
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