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few things i can sugust phat, try and find the place where milkdrop cleans up its variables at the end of every frame, and see what it does with q1-q8, it might be as easy as deleting a line like "q1=0", or just changing the 0 to q1, although i guess that would be kinda reduntent, prolly better to just delet it. might also check where md initilizes at the begining of every frame, and see if that q1=0 line is there.
failing that, the only place i can think of that such a line might be is after the waves are drawn, mabe MD has seprate internal vars. for q1-q8 after it gets passed to the waves(mabye wave_q1-wave_q8).... witch actualy makes more sence considering that you can pass q1 to a wave change it in wave_per_frame then pass it to wave_per_point and not effect the value of q1 that's getting passed to wave2..... see what i'm saying?
MD has to be reseting the value somewhere, just need to find out where( mabye search the code for q1=0;

and that is why i'm not an english major....

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