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Originally posted by Divide Overflow
Well, I had a hard time getting ahold of the address for the stream I listen to, but I "upgraded" to WMP 7, used that to open the stream, and then saved the playlist that the program downloads. I then opened that playlist in Winamp, took the last entry in the playlist (logically, the actual radio stream, the rest of the entries are ads), and added /.wma to the end, and viola! It works. Thanks for your help guys. Oh, and by the way, I am using Windows 2000 Professional. So much for not being able to stream WMA in Win2K.
This is excellent news! Thanks for posting.
Perhaps not installing WMP 7 is why I could never get an mms stream to work in Win2000... have you tested an mms stream on any Win2000 boxes that have WMP6.4? Also, that still means NT users are out in the cold since WMP 7 is not compatible with it. Now all we need is an asx input plugin, I've been trying to hack something together... but it is bit more difficult than I anticipated.
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