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Hocus Focus on File->Play URL openus

Hello all WA developers.
Great job on 5.21
Been watchin and you guys have been anythin but slackin

Anyway....I have a found small nit related to the File->Play URL panel that comes up.

The Play URL panel comes up modeless, and from time to time I'll receive an IM, or move a window, and just try to re-situate WA so I have a better view of other stuff, for like work or something

If I put the currently open Play URL panel *behind* winamp during this window reorg process, for what ever reason, or behind some other window that I can no longer see when I bring my work up to the front, when I go back to WA, that dialog remains hidden (yes I hid it).

Then to retrieve it, I attempt to go into WA from the menu and do File->Play URL, but the panel remains hidden.

I think if you do File->Play URL, if already open, it should be brought to the forefront, topmost.

Thanks and keep rockin it!

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