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I have no idea if this classifyies as a bug, but everytime I install version 5.21, I get this: trojan

After clicking OK, the install continues and eventually Winamp pops up. I click on Online Service on the Media List
and I get a message that says that it is unable to connect to server.

I assuming that the file that was infected and needed to be
deleted is the file responsible for allowing me to connect.

So, do you think it possible that I can the file without that trojan (or whatever it is) in it?

System spec:
Computer: Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop
OS: Window XP Home edition (Server Pack 2)
Video: Mobility Radeon 7500c
Audio: SigmaTel C-major Audio
CPU: 2.66 GHz
Ram: 256 MB
DirectX version 9c
Browser: latest version of Foxfire and IE6

PS: When uninstalling, I get this message
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