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Winamp 2.64 Bug

Dj Egg Thanks for the info. Full Specs: Intel Celeron 500 Mhz, 128 MB RAM, Windows 98 SE, Sound Blaster 64V, Intel 810e, DirectX ver.7.0a. IE ver.5.0.At the point when the crash happened I had a visualization plugin called Power Plugin from Roman Komary.

I got the winamp.ini file and did what you said yet still nothing happened.
The CDs I play are normal .CDA files. As for my CD-ROM the "Auto insert notification" is always checkmarked. No I do not have TweakUI. As for Settings>Folder Options>File Types suggestion, when I scrolled down I did not find any Audio CD option, there is an AIFF audio, I guess for Quicktime, an AU Format Sound icon and AudioSoft Parameter File for Winamp but no Audio CD file. I assume that one is supposed to be there and I may have to create one. If I do, can you tell how to do it? Also I tried uninstalling and reinstalling winamp and it did not work
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