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Originally posted by bonj
DJEgg, just post the exported registry key so people won't have to go into their registrys
Like I said, I don't have RP8 installed, and it's unlikely I'll ever upgrade from v7.
Therefore, I don't actually have any relevant keys that I can export to a .reg file.
I can make one up I suppose, but I could do with knowing a few things first.
Does removing RP8's entry for MP3 Playlists from Folder Options fix the problem?
(see above for details . . . again)
If not, I'll need someone with RP8 to search their Registry for all keys that include:
.xpl | MP3 Playlist | audio/scpls | audio/x-mpegurl
and to then post the results here (including all associated strings in the right pane).
Otherwise, I can realistically only make a fairly accurate guess, unless I've got some precise reference points to work with. Main things to check are that audio/scpls is associated with the .pls extension & audio/x-mpegurl with the .m3u extension, NOT .xpl

Other keys maybe worth checking:
(also in) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type
audio/mpegurl : extension = .m3u
audio/pls | audio/x-scpls : extension = .pls
Extension = mp3 (for all of the following)
audio/mp3 | audio/m3u | audio/mpeg | audio/mpg | audio/x-mp3 | audio/x-mpeg | audio/x-mpg
Any references to MP3 Playlists & .xpl should ideally be removed!
Like I say, I'm watching the progress of these threads very carefully, so let's just wait for peoples' responses first and take it from there.

Oh, btw . . .
Does this problem only exist when streaming a .pls playlist?
ie. is Winamp still your default pls & m3u player for local playlist files on your HDD ?
This will determine whether any other reg keys have been messed with, apart from MIME.
Naturally, first you'll need to make sure you've unassociated the extensions from RP8 (via : Prefs -> Upgrade tab -> "Re-associate" & "Auto-Restore settings" buttons), and then make sure that pls, m3u & mp3 are selected in Winamp Prefs -> FileTypes.
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