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Feature Request - integration with JTF options

I notice that the two means in Winamp to enque & play … selecting
  1. “Enqueue & Play in Winamp” on the right-click context menu of a music file
  2. “Enqueue and play selection” on the right-click menu of a song in the ML
... behave differently.

For most, the behavior of the file menu version (#1) is driven by the options on the “Shell Options” tab (in the JTF Preferences window)

The behavior of the ML version (#2), made available by installing DrO’s
“ML Enqueue & Play” plugin, acts the same way all the time … the way #1 would
if NONE of the options circled in the attached screen shot were selected.

Would it be possible, for consistency sake and functionality sake, to have ML Enqueue & Play’s ML command pull the circled options from the “Shell Options” tab of JTFE?
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