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I apologize for the "necro-post" (reviving an ancient thread), but I have the same desire, although a little less sophisticated.

I almost exclusively use my laptop, but my entire music collection is on my desktop. Most of the time, I have no problem with the set-up: while I do primarily use my laptop, the desktop's collection is easily streamed over the wireless network, and the winamp library stays up to date for the most part on both ends.

My concern comes in the handful of albums I decide to actually keep on my laptop, so that I may have something to listen to away from home. It's becoming a hassle separating duplicates in the library list, those in the laptop from those that originated on the desktop.

Constantly selecting "remove missing files from library" and re-updating every time I connect and disconnect from the network is definitely not an acceptable option, seeing as it's far from convenient.

Have there been updates, methods, or plug-ins developed in the last month that allow the management of two completely independent libraries (one master library that basically pulls all the songs off the desktop in the network, and one secondary library that contains local laptop files only)?

Is installing two instances of winamp really the only way of pulling such a feat? Would such an attempt ever cause problems in the long run? Anything else I should know?
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