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Re: it worked

Originally posted by souljah
i reinstalled it awhile ago, and now it works.. still i dont think it was crashin because of a plugin, because i never had any of them running when i closed winamp itself.. just a messed up prob i guess...
I reinstalled 2.74 TWICE, and even deleted the winamp file that is hidden, and the winamp.ini folder, and let a new one be created, and 2.74 just kept crashing. This happens every so often with a new winamp. I usually wait for the newer edition to come out again, then I will upgrade. When this kernel 32 keeps happening, I go back to the previous version of winamp, from winampheaven, and that solves the problem. Hmmm, if it isn't the new version of winamp that keeps crashing, and it's fault, how come puttting back the older version SOLVES the problem? Sometimes, when a new program is written, a line of code can get things messed up, unintentionally. MUSICWOMAN
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