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I never was extremely conservative or liberal. I have been painted a liberal because I resisted Bush bashing.

Here were my conclusions and I think they are being born out:

1. If Al Gore had been President we would still have gone to war in Iraq and it still would suck.

2. A Democrat President would have employed the same tactics as far as the patriot act, "torture", illegal wiretapping and domestic surveillance that George Bush did. George Bush's main problem was that he was too honest about it.

3. That the return of Democrats to power would only lead to tax increases and not to a tangible improvement in the common mans lifestyle.

4. That Barack Obama is simply a corporate "yes man" to make all of the things we hated about George Bush "hip".

5. That the promises of the Democrats to get themselves and Barack Obama back in power were lies. That is being born out every day.

6. That any time a liberal says "program" you should translate it to "useless expensive bullshit".

7. That Republicans and Democrats sit down at lunch to figure out how to pick our pockets. No heroes.

8. That the "Last 8 years" are really more like the last 25.

We've now bailed out the rich with trillions of tax dollars for a scam that was due to their own malfeasance. You'll notice it didn't resurrect any normal persons devastated retirement funds or fix the lost equity in our houses.

We've now replaced 800,000 mostly perfectly good cars with a bunch of Toyotas.

And the "health care crisis" will now cost 9 TRILLION dollars while falling far short of providing "universal coverage" or addressing the bankruptcy of medicare or social security.

We will not see "single payer". We will not see insurance company reform or tort reform (we elected a fucking lawyer!). We will not see "universal coverage". What we will see is 9 TRILLION in new taxes. We'll give that to the same corporate rip-off artists we currently do.

Our country is the biggest jailer on the planet, where we toss people in jail for smoking dope or doing coke.... unless they are our current or last President!

Change? They seem to be shaking us upside down to get the last pennies out.

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