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1. Add the movie folder to the media library
2. In the ML tree, right-click the current "Video" view, and select "Edit view"
3. Under: Is video | Equals | 1, click the + button
4. put a checkmark in "and"
5. In the new fields underneath, select:
Filename | Begins with | X:\Path\to\music videos
(if there's any more folders with music videos in, then repeat 3-5, but checkmark "or" instead)
6. Change the "Name" at the bottom to e.g. Music Videos
7. Click OK
8. Back in the ML tree, right-click "Local Media" and select "Add smart view"
9. Select "Video" for "Choose a Preset"
10. Repeat 3-5, except type in the path to the Movie Videos folder instead
11. Set up the filters to taste (probably best to checkmark "Simple")
12. Change "Name" to e.g. Movies
13. Click OK
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