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^Intel would still work just not as well. I guess it depends on how seriously you take this. Is it worth a bunch of extra money. Milkdrop works even on my 5 year old laptop. It does look better on my desktops nvidia chipset. But ??

Are you gonna use it for video games? If so Intel ain't gonna cut it. Neither will my squeaky laptop. Visualizing some music? It's probably ok. Set for 720p. Your TV will know how to display it. You might want to use 720p anyway. Browsing from the couch at 10 feet gets itsy bitsy at 1080p.

Any nvidia or ati chipset is gonna stomp an intel gpu so go that way if it's the same money.

It's $50 more but you might want to look at this HP instead. It's not a gamer either, but it's not a klunker. Notably it will play webGL casual games where the intel gpu won't. You might want to play some flash or adobe air games once in a while? The 3Ghz dual core Athlon should handle most things if you decided to pop $100 for a video card later. It's likely to be a little noisier and draw twice the power than of Intel. That could be a consideration too. I wouldn't hook my 500 watt desktop to my TV. It's too noisy.
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