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Hi dnewhous,

In my experience, Winamp has been able to scale (up or down) every image I have tried to use. I prefer high resolution images because they look better scaled to fit in relatively large windows. I have a 23" wide screen monitor, 16:9 aspect ratio, and full 1080i/p HD resolution. However, there are some practical concerns dependent on how you use Winamp.

Since file storage space is no longer an issue, the only limit I'm aware of is RAM memory. Winamp is a 32-bit app and subject to the maximum memory addressing limit for all 32-bit apps. So when using high resolution images (especially when displaying many at the same time), you need to be aware of the memory needs of the images and of all the other things you have Winamp doing so that the 32-bit memory addressing limit (2 GB) is not exceeded. Exceed this limit and Winamp will crash leading to various results. Some harmless and some very bad, it depends on what was going on when the memory limit was exceeded.

Unfortunately, Winamp also holds all relevant image data in memory once an image has been displayed, even if that image is no longer being displayed. This is done to avoid having to render the image again, if the user decides to display it again. This is a holdover from when the rendering process was slow. Winamp is over 15 years old and hardware was not as powerful back then.

So, memory use grows as more images are displayed. The only way to free the memory, holding image data, is to shutdown Winamp. This is the major reason to use relatively low resolution images if you use skins and/or skin views that display many images at the same time. Hopefully, going forward, something will be done to free the memory holding data for images not actively being displayed.

The Flac specs allow for extremely large images, especially when you consider image formats that allow for data compression. Link to Flac specs below, look for information associated with "METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE".

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